Why should I have this treatment?

Unsightly and obvious leg veins can be a common problem amongst many women and men. They can affect anyone but mostly 50% of those are aged 50 and over. The cause can be hereditary, or as a result of hormone changes, smoking, pregnancy, exercise or excessive sun exposure.

Why have sclerotherapy?


Helps to regain confidence, it is. an highy effective treatment and cost effective.

Deep red and bluish veins are often seen on the lower legs, the thighs and the back of the knees mostly because these are areas where there is greater pressure from body weight. These veins can be treated by Sclerotherapy which is a non-invasive injectable treatment performed by a fully-trained medical injector only. The veins are injected with a prescription product that causes the unwanted veins to stick together, clot, break down and flush away.

How much does it cost?

From £199



What result can I expect?


If you are treated for spider veins, you can usually expect to see definitive results in three to six weeks. Larger veins may require three to four months.

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